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SKULL AND TONES is a small private label unique guitar pick company, founded, owned and operated by Darren Robinson of American rock band, Phantom Planet.

Every pick ships in my unique ring style guitar pick box, adorned with the Skull and Tones logo on the top and the company motto, “Rari quippe boni”, which loosely translates to “The good are few.”

Rari quippe boni was writ on a fireplace at the infamous Skull and Bones (a mysterious undergraduate senior secret student society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut) location. Skull and Tones is, as you might have guessed, a play on this secret society (albeit with only good intentions.)

Skull and Tones guitar picks come in a variety of unique natural materials, from tiger’s eye, various agates, labradorite, onyx. mother of pearl and more.

I only offer these custom guitar picks on Ebay and Mercari now. These picks used to sell on Amazon as well, but I have found their seller policies, high fees and ridiculous rules to be overbearing. Though I have no affiliation with Mercari, their marketplace, fair selling fees and simple navigation make it my current favorite.