Founded in 2015, Skull & Tones is a boutique guitar pick company with just one employee, offering highly unique, handmade, limited edition experimental guitar picks made of various natural gemstone materials like Tiger’s Eye, Agate, Carnelian, Aventurine, Mother of Pearl and more.

Skull & Tones was created with the guitarist in mind, as a way to open up a new and slightly different playing experience than traditional celluloid guitar picks provide. Our picks are generally quite a bit thicker than common picks, ranging from 2mm to just a little over 3mm, and sound quite different than most other plectrums out there. Guitarists can produce crisp, crystal-like tones, or gentler, dampened sounds depending on their personal technique. 

These make an exceptional tool for studio use, practicing, and live playing, and guitarists of all ages and skill levels can enjoy them. Both electric and acoustic guitars are suitable for use, as well as bass and even mandolin.

Though these are geared towards musicians of all skill levels, they are a cult favorite for gift giving. Whether it be the perfect unique birthday present, an anniversary gift, something special for a best friend or other loved one, you name it — our pick sets are guaranteed to raise eyebrows of the recipient.